PMs Setup

PMs Setup

You can create a PM template from the desktop PMs app, allowing engineers to then complete preventative maintenance inspections in real time from the mobile app. 

How to Create a PM Template

In this article, you will learn how to create a PM template from the desktop.

How to Create a PM Template

1.  From the desktop PMs app, click the + New page button.

2.  Fill in the PM Name, What to Do, Video Text and Share Link fields.

  • Pro Tip: The What to Do field should not contain all of your steps, just something you want to convey to the person performing the PM. The second page will give you the opportunity to add Categories and To Dos.    

3.  Use the dropdown menus to choose the appropriate options for your PM. You may also set up a reminder in the Reminder field if you wish.

4.  Select the Active checkbox, which allows the template to show on the PM Calendar.

5.  Select which hotel properties should use this template.

6.  When you complete these steps, click the Create Quore PM Template button.

7.  With the Add Category option already selected, fill in the Category Name field and click the + New Category button.

Edit Template.png

8.  Change the Add Category dropdown to Add To Do and fill in the To Do details.

  • Pro Tip: The To Do Details represent each individual step that should be taken to complete this PM.
Add To Do .png

9.  Select the appropriate PM category.

10.  Select the appropriate Quore Item Category (QIC) if desired. 

  • Pro Tip: Choosing a QIC will create a work order if an item fails. Leaving the QIC field blank will create a task if the item fails.

11. Repeat steps 8-10 as needed. 

Learn more about the PMs app. 


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